Blepharoplasty (Eyelid surgery) in Adelaide

Aging changes affect the upper and lower eyelids in different ways. Upper eyelids develop a fold of skin along with fat pads, which rest on the eyelashes causing the eyelids to droop. This may be complicated by lack of active muscle movement to open the eyes (Ptosis) giving an effect of tiredness so much so that you have to lift your eyebrows to open your eyes. This may block your vision on the sides, forcing you to turn your head to see well.

With this operation your eyes will be able to open normally and give you a refreshed look. Lower eyelids develop prominent fat pads and wrinkly loose skin giving a baggy appearance to your eyes. They do not cause any visual disturbance. It can sometimes produce excessive tearing. This surgery addresses the skin and fat pads improving the lid cheek junction, reducing the signs of aging. At Advanced Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Adelaide we establish realistic expectations based on your individual anatomy.

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